Writing is Murder

Redrum writing. That sounds appropriate. Whenever I sit down and make the effort to get writing, I feel like murdering it. Or maybe writing wants to murder me? Either way, I will become a writer even if it kills me. So here we are. Perhaps having a blog to lay it all down in will encourage better focus on my writing. I certainly hope so.

So what’s Redum Writing all about? Nothing in particular. Everything, in some way. This is the place for my writing dump. Writing about my life, the experiences and people in it. Writing about my daydreams, the ideas and characters that will eventually come to encompass short stories or the next great American novel. Writing about my passions and my hates, ideals, advice to myself, and writing about writing itself. In short, Redrum Writing is about getting to work. Getting the words down.
And hey, if someone happens to find some enjoyment in perusing these random writings, all the better.

Let’s write something.


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